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Knitting since I was 5 and crocheting since I was 25(ish), I eat, drink and sleep knitting and yarny things.

Please feel free to use my patterns and let me know if you find any errors – the price you pay for a free pattern is you’re all my test subjects!

And please link the patterns on Ravelry, I love to see photos!

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6 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi there, Thank you so much for sharing your patterns!! I have been knitting for ever, but never reallly attempted knitting gloves. But, I really want to give it a go. So, thank you for the free pattern. Once I have knitted a pair, you will be the first to see them. They will never look as awesome as yours, but I’ll give it a go!!


  2. Hi!I think these gloves are asbloutely beautiful and I just bought all the materials to knit them today! I have a clarification question for the directions for step 2 (didn’t get very far): does your St. st mean to knit a row, purl a row or to knit a row, and knit the next row since it’s in the round?Thanks so much for your help! I’m thrilled to have found your website : )

  3. Hi Sayed
    Which gloves pattern is it you’re having trouble with as there are several glove patterns on the site.

  4. What wonderful patterns!! You really have talent 🙂
    Thanks so much for sharing and I will post on Ravelry when I complete a project!

  5. Hi, Fell in love with your Winterwonderland mitts on Pinterest and have just finished the first one. Have just posted about them in my blog (with ref to you of course)
    Just looked at your other great patterns – I’ll be back.

  6. Love your Lady Jane gloves and Winter Wonderland gloves, so thanks for making the patterns available to other knitters. I will have fun making them for Christmas presents but also wanted to ask if you are ok with them being made and sold on. Quite understand if this is not allowable, jut checking it out.

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