Two tone toe up baby socks

These are my go to present for any new parents. Really easy and the contrasting toe, heel and cuff looks really cute.

Using Drops Alpaca 4ply in pink (MC) and pistachio (CC) Using 2.5mm needles and CC yarn Cast on 20 sts using long tail magic cast on*

*I know a lot of people use Judy’s Magic Cast on for toe up socks but I was completely bamboozled by it so instead, I use a double knitting version – seen here: Long tail magic cast on

Place marker, with 10sts for bottom of sock and 10sts for top of sock, split these across 4 needles (or circular if you prefer)

Row 1: knit
Row 2: k1, m1, k til one st remains of bottom sock stitches, m1, k1, k1 (1st of top of sock), k til one st remain, m1, k1
Repeat these two rows until there are 36 sts in total
Change to MC and repeat these two rows once more
(40 sts in total – 20 sts for top of foot, 20 sts for sole)
Continue knitting round until 1-1.5cm from heel.

Turning the heel
Using only the 20sts from bottom of theĀ  foot, turn and purl until 1st remains, turn
Knit row: Re-introduce CC, knit until 1st left, turn,
Next row: purl until 2st from end, turn,
Continue until there are 5 sts ‘left’ on each side (10 heel stitches)

Next row: Knit until last 5sts, ssk, m1, turn
Next row: purl until last 5sts, p2tog, m1, turn
Continue this way until all sts are reintroduced

Leg cuff
Knit row
: reintroduce MC and knit round whole sock
Knit straight for 2-3cm

Next round: reintroduce CC, K1tbl, p1 repeat for 10rows
Cast off using stretchy magic cast off method

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