Lady Jane Grey’s gloves

This is a pattern for a gorgeously long, warm pair of cable fingerless mittens. So thick and warm, they’re almost sweater sleeves!

Knitted for a friend, I was very sad to see them go, especially in this cold weather.

This is the first of a few cable mitten patterns I intend to put up over the next couple of weeks, once I get them typed up from the back of envelope stage!


C8F = Move next 4 stitches to cable needle and hold in FRONT, knit next 4 stitches, then knit 4 on cable

C8B = Move next 4 stitches to cable needle and hold in BACK

Using aran weight yarn and 3.5 mm needles (this gives a really tight neat finish, perfect for gloves so the wind can’t get in), I used around 250 yards of yarn

CO 60 sts using long tail cast on (or any cast on you like to do)

Join in the round, place marker and rib (k2, p2) for 10 rounds

Knit 1 round

Cable pattern

Knit 20 sts from the marker and then start cable pattern, this is an 8 round pattern with 4 purl stitches either side.

Round 1: p4, knit 12, p4
Round 2: p4, k12, p4
Round 3: p4, C8F, k4, p4
Round 4: p4, k12, p4
Round 5: p4, k12, p4
Round 6: p4, k12, p4
Round 7: p4, K4, C8B, p4
Round 8: p4, k12, p4

During this 8th Round (and every 8th round after) there is a 2 stitch decrease:

Dec 1 stitch 10sts AFTER the marker (using ssk) and 1 stitch 10sts BEFORE the marker (using k2tog), this will create a dart up the side of the glove, creating shaping in the wrist.
Repeat the cable pattern (including the decrease stitches) 6 times in total (48sts)

Thumb gusset (left glove)

Starting on the 1st row of the cable pattern, begin creating the thumb gusset, 8sts BEFORE the cable pattern starts (including the purl stitches)

Round 1: p1, k2, p1
Round 2: p1, k2, p1
Round 3: p1, m1, k2, m1, p1
Round 4: p1, k4, p1
Round 5: p1, K4, p1
Round 6: p1, K4, p1
Round 7: p1, m1, K4, m1, p1
Round 8: p1, k6, p1
Repeat until 14sts between the the two purl stitches (60 sts total)

For the next 8 rows (1 repeat of the cable pattern), continue straight, purling the gusset stitches as you find them

Next round:

Move the 14 sts between the purl stitches onto some waste yarn, cast on 2 sts and join after the gap.
Continue to knit hand for one more repeat of the pattern (twice if you want the hand/finger part) to be really long)

After final 8th round of the cable pattern


Knit one round
Rib (k2, p2) for 5 rows and CO

Thumb gusset (right glove)

Exactly the same as for the left glove EXCEPT start the gusset 4sts AFTER the cable pattern (including the purl stitches)


Put 14sts back on the needles, knit round, pick up 4 stitches along the hand edge and join (18sts)

Next row: knit round until the last 6 sts (2 sts plus those you just picked up) and ssk, k2, k2tog (16sts)

Next row: knit

Last rows: rib (k2, p2) for 5 rows


Weave in ends, wear, LOVE.

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