Raspberry Ripple Bed Socks

Raspberry Ripple socks

These were almost called Grandmother’s Footsteps as they’re bed socks for my Grandmother who is 88 and gets cold feet in bed but as I started to knit them up, the yarn started to resemble Raspberry Ripple Ice cream. I dyed the yarn (organic Australian merino from Briana Llae – gorgeous yarn http://www.bknitwear.com) using Kool Aid.

I hope you like this knitted lace pattern!

Using 3mm needles CO 64 sts, join in the round and split equally over 4 needles
K2,P2 rib for an inch
Lace Pattern
This is an 11st lace pattern worked over 16sts on each needle, for the first sock K3 at the beg of each needle and K2 at the end of each needle. For the 2nd sock K2 at the beg, and K3 at the end. This helped me reverse the pooling around the ankle (although that might have been luck!). It’s also an 8 round stitch repeat, for ease of counting I’ve used this to base the length of each section.


Round 1: P2, k2tog, [k1, yf] twice, k1, sl1, k1, psso, p2
Round 2 and every alt row: P2, k7, p2
Round 3: P2, k2tog, yf, k3, yf, sl1, k1, psso, p2
Round 5: P2, k1, yf, sl1, k1, psso, k1, k2tog, yf, k1, p2
Round 7: P2, k2, yf, sl1, k2tog, psso, yf, k2, p2
Round 8: as round 2

Repeat these 8 rounds 2 more times (you’ll have 3 ‘crosses’)

Heel flap
With 32 sts continue lace pattern, reversing stitches on the wrong side: (P3, K2, P7, K2, P5, K2, P7, K2, P2)
Continue for 24 rows (3 x pattern repeat)

First row: K19, SSK, k1, turn
Next row: Sl1, P7, P2tog, P1, turn
Next row, K until 1 st from gap, SSK, K1, turn
Continue until all heel stitches are worked (20 sts on needle)

Raspberry Ripple Heel detail

Pick up 14 sts along side of flap, knit in lace pattern (you’ll be on Round 1 of the pattern) across front 32 stitches, pick up 14 sts along other side (80 sts in total – 32 for front of socks, 48 for bottom of foot). Beginning of each round will now be in the middle of the sole of the foot.

Next round: Knit across sole until last 3 sts, k2tog, knit Round 2 of lace pattern across 32sts, k1, ssk knit to end.
Round 2: knit all sole stitches and continue in lace pattern on top of sock.
Continue with these decreases until there are 16 sts on each needle.(32st lace pattern on top, 32 sts for sole)

Continue foot until it is 2.5″ from the end of your toes (or longer if you have long toes!) and start decreases

Next row (starting at the bottom of the foot needle 1):
Needle 1: Knit until 3 sts from end of needle. k2tog, Needle 2: K1, ssk, k until last 3 sts end of Needle 3 – k2tog and K1, Needle 4: k1, ssk, k to end of needle.
Knit across all stitches on the next 2 rounds then repeat decrease as above.
From then on decrease every other round until there are 32 sts in total – 16 on the top, 16 on the bottom
Bind off using kitchener stitch

Raspberry Ripple wool

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