Michigan Mitts

Here are my Michigan Mitts. I bought the yarn in Michigan, I knitted them in Michigan (all over, from Royal Oak to Leland and many places in between) and them being mitt shaped (naturally) they look a lot like Michigan too.

I used Spud and Chloe Fine in Anemone (a word which always makes me think of Finding Nemo!) spud and chloe gorgeous yarn to knit with and lovely, lovely colours.

Using 3mm DPNs, cast on 48 stitches and joined in the round (for the rib repeat, use multiple of 4).

For every round: rib repeat of [K2,K1 tbl, P1], do however many rounds until you’ve got a cuff you’re happy with (mine is about 2 inches)

Thumb gusset:

Next round [K2,K1tbl, P1] once, kfb, K2, kfb continue round in rib repeat
Next 2 rounds [K2,K1 tbl, P1] once, knit next six stiches, continue rib repeat
Repeat these three rounds 4 more times (14sts in thumb gusset)
Next round [K2,K1tbl, P1] once, kfb, K2, kfb continue round in rib repeat (16 thumb gusset sts)
Next round K2,K1tbl, P1, thread 16 thumb stitches onto spare yarn and tie in loose knot, then join* knitting in rib repeat and continue in round

*I am not a fan of the way stitches ‘cast on’ here look so avoid them, it means the top of the mitt is slightly more narrow than the hand part but in my opinion this improves the aesthetic.

Continue to knit remaining 44 stitches in rib repeat until the desired length (mine are up to my knuckles) and cast off in rib.

Rejoining the thumb:

Divide thumb stitches across three needles, rejoin yarn and knit all stitches, pick up 5 stitches across inner thumb*
*I tend to pick up one extra stitch than I need at this point then decrease it on next row as this helps with the shaping, left with 20 stitches
Knit until 3-4 rounds from desired height
Next round K2, K1 tbl, P1 to end
Repeat for 2-3 rounds
cast off in rib

Make other glove

Repeat all of the above, however, instead of making thumb gusset on first needle after the round join, make it in the last needle to reverse the shaping,

Wear, enjoy, love

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